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In China x amount of people need to love in y vicinity of z amount of green space, which is also graded as to the quality and usage. Society works differently over there also, so there's
little chance they become the kind of isolated highrise ghettoes a la social projects (they will have community centres, play areas, outdoor gyms and retail at the bottom, and the parks
tend to be where the retirees hang out all day anyhoo, like mall rats with chess sets and dance troupes).

These are the Suzhou standard in the new city built this last decade,

This is the 'old city' further inland, which doesn't operate the tower in the park idea, and has the traditional density.


What's uninviting is not so much the town planning, but the appearance of the buildings after a few years. Once shiny and new, after a while the poorer developments become recognisable
from the rash of aircon units posthumously added on - absolutely disfigures the urban realm. Also note how people individualise their space, replacing window types and even installing cages,
popular with families with young children left at home:

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