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DALLAS | Mercantile Tower Redevelopment | 36 FLOORS

I know this is all about new Towers but this is one of Dallas' most historic Tower. The Mercantile National Bank Building is 430 feet tall with a 115 feet tower. The overall height including the tower is 545 feet. The building is the 27th tallest in the city at this moment and that spire look beautiful lit up at night.
Here is what is most historic about this Tower...
Shortly before World War II had started, the Mercantile National Bank announced that it was constructing a new headquarters structure at the corner of Main and Ervay Streets. World War II soon started while the site work was underway and the steel had been ordered, with some of it actually fabricated. The U.S. government at the time had called a halt to all private construction in order to provide materials for the war. The bank received special permission to continue steel fabrication and construction. The 31 story building opened in 1942 and was the only major skyscraper in the U.S. that was completed during the war.

So looking at it, this is the only tower built during World War II. This tower is being re-developed into apartment condos. This was the crown of Dallas Banking back in its glory days (Dallas was found by Bankers for all you who think we are country cowboys)

I think we have to look at our past to see what is coming in the future.

I will try to get some night shots of this beauty.

O ya, they are building a 15 story Apt building next to it to replace all the buildings that used to be attached to the Merc. Ill find a rendering of the new tower.

Borrowing this night shot from a skilled Dallas photographer who goes by the Alias Ninjatuneâ„¢, i will try to get some photos of my own at night.
(Taken by Ninjatune out of Dallas Texas)
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