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I think they should stay too. At least for now. It is one of the most effective ways to get rush hour into downtown, and if it wasn't for the size and speed of the viaduct, rush hour traffic heading out of town would clog streets in the downtown.

Just like how the Granville bridge keeps traffic moving on Howe, the Viaduct keeps it moving on Georgia. Losing the Dunsmuir Viaduct might not have much of an effect (Except increase volume on Expo 3 fold) but I think losing the Georgia Vaiduct would be akin to making the Lions Gate Bridge a single lane out of downtown 24 hours a day. Traffic on Georgia would be so bad it would block the flow South towards the bridges.

People complain about traffic downtown, but I think when all the lanes are open without lazy construction closing them, traffic flows into and out of downtown really well to the east.

If there is a problem with the viaducts, it's not the viaducts themselves, but the intersections on Main street. A single left turn lane from Main onto Terminal just isn't enough. The Viaduct needs to go someplace better, not a freeway, but something better than Prior street. I think if they built the Malkin overpass and build a very elegant intersection at Clarke, it would really help the situation.

On top of it, I don't think much space could be reclaimed if you tear them down. You could only reclaim about a 2 blocks worth. That would be what, 3 buildings for the wealthy to move into? Making the commute for the working class worse is a high price to pay so a few hundred can get luxury condos.

I think the parking lot between Abbott and Carrall could be put to good use even with the Viaducts there. Imagine something along the lines of the Van City building, but better.

I think with some good urban design, NEFC can be a good neighbourhood incorporating the Viaducts.

Think of it like this, if the Vaducts go, that means ALL traffic leaving downtown would be a street level, clogging intersection and making crossing the street a challenge. Now couple that with a Canucks game. It would be a disaster.
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