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I am not saying I am worried about these stats. I just thought it was an interesting number and much lower than expected.

All you ever here about is packed GO Trains, and people needing access to the city. But really, a very very tiny amount of 905ers actually access the city on a daily basis. One has to wonder if all the new home ads which mention being close to the GO Train station even matters to 905 buyers, as so few go into the city on a daily basis?

We also hear endlessly from planners who are into the decentralization fad, that we need to continue decentralizing the GTA, because much too many people go into Toronto each day and it unbalances things. However this stat shows that not that many people actually are going into Toronto.

We have pretty much decentralized everything, and have what provincial planners want, jobs and residents all spread out. And what do we have to show for it? More traffic, pollution, and sprawl.

I wish I had this stat last semester when a planner in one of my classes was blaming traffic congestion in the GTA on not having enough jobs in the suburbs and people commuting.
I almost had to laugh when he said "Why does York Region have so much traffic, when they have an almost equal balance of jobs to residents".

So you can take this stat to be either good or bad.

My prediction is that the decentralization fad is going to be seen in 50 years to be just like public housing all in one spot is seen today. A bad idea and that planners took the idea way way way too far.

I know you guys think I am weird for standing up for downtown Toronto. However I don't really see why this is considered so out there.

People always go on about having to be like Europe. Well if Toronto was in Europe, our downtown would have over a million jobs in it, and be much more centralized than we are. And yes 905ers would be coming downtown to do their major shopping. Ohh and our GO Trains would also be carrying like 4 million people a day.
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