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Originally Posted by bigreach View Post
Great work NYCrulz, you're becoming a top seed around here, I just wanna ask you why do they apply this spire in such an unorthodox way, seemed like 314 was laying on the roof a week or 2 ago, they pull up 315,(lay that on the roof?) from street (I beleive),, did they lay that piece #315, down on the roof, and assemble 314, or was that the last and final normal part, before the double, or was today's the last section, and they added that right away, and if that's, the last piece before the double piece, or maybe they constructed 315 and maybe 314 is still on the roof to me,, I'm dumbfounded, I thought there was another single piece to have set,, is it possibe they lifted (THE FINAL) #315 2 weeks ago, set it down on the roof. Then constructed spire # 314 today and applied it?? Anybody have any explanations.. I'm quite confused because I though there were "now" 3 pieces left, 1 normal size, then the double top-off? Help needed.. Sorry so confusing, bottom line is there 1 more than the double? Equalling 3 more pieces, we all know the top and it's under piece are connected, so I'm calling it double.
There is still one more single piece before the double section. I'm not sure if they have hoisted it to the roof yet or not. I would probably say since it's such a large piece that it is probably still on the ground.