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Originally Posted by Keith P. View Post
Streetview still offers these images from 10 years ago. In this one you see the old Toyota octagonal showroom and attached service dept. I had forgotten that Audi had moved in there.

Adjacent is the Dexter Subaru operation which is now the Volvo dealership:

The existing Porsche/Jag/Land Rover facilities were there as now back in 2009. Unfortunate the images don't go back further.
I actually looked at buying a Subaru there back around 2007 (I didn't), but IIRC Subaru only occupied that small outbuilding for their showroom, and their service dept was up on the hill above them. Audi was in the space next door at that time, but IIRC, they shared parking with Subaru. I recall it was tight moving vehicles around for test drives.

The building next door was still occupied by Volvo at that time.
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