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Originally Posted by bunt_q View Post
I think Cirrus wears his “haven’t been to Denver in a decade” as a badge of honor.
Nah. I'll be happy to tell you. It's all of these factors together:

1. Most of my previous trips to Denver were for family events that now happen in Florida instead (in fact I'm going to Florida next month on a trip that would surely have been Colorado a decade ago).

2. I have a wife and kid now, so flying somewhere generally requires 3 tickets instead of one.

3. I can fly to Europe for roughly the same cost as flying to Denver*, and, uh, I'd rather vacation in Paris. (Although I will admit that I didn't know Frontier tickets were that cheap; I can't get to Europe for that little.)

At this point in my life, absent a grandparent funeral, general curiosity is just about the only reason for me to go to Denver, and that's not enough unless I lucked into a super cheap flight deal. Someday my kid will be old enough to remember the trip, and we'll take a family pilgrimage car trip, but that's years away still.
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