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Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
Scouring my brain to think of comparables to (English) Canada vs. the US...

The nuances lie in the level of adoption of another country's culture. Does it serve as a complement to the local one or does it supplant it or supercede it?
It also depends on whether one considers it adopting another country's culture. Is baseball in Ontario adopting another country's culture? According to people in SW Ontario, baseball originates in Beachville, London, and neighbouring towns but few outside SW Ontario consider baseball a domestic sport. Many look to the arrival of the Expos and Jays as the importation of a culture from the US when we've actually been playing baseball since day 1. The Montreal Royals date back to 1898. The London Tecumsehs to 1868 while Beachville claims the world's first documented baseball game in 1838.

I find lots of problems originate in anglophone Canadians being ignorant of their own history.
World's First Documented Baseball Game: Beachville, Ontario, June 4th, 1838.
World's First Documented Gridiron Game: University College, Toronto, November 9th, 1861.
Hamilton Tiger-Cats since 1869 & Toronto Argonauts since 1873: North America's 2 oldest pro football teams
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