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thanx Dardani, it is nice to see you here

Zagreb Metro:

City Authorities announced plan for new Metro System consisting of 4-5 metro lines. Phase 1 of the new metro is going to be 22.7km long, of, of these 10km underground.

New Metro system will be based on light rail PTN system currently in use in Vancouver, San Francisco or Singapore, but full metro system is also a possibility.

5 Lines proposed are west east 12.5km line, North-South 12km line and 3 adjacent lines.

22.7km phase 1 Metro should be completed by 2012, Phase 2 will be add additional 10km and be completed by 2015, Phase or line 3 will be 17km long and should be done by 2020, line 4 by 2024 and line 5 by 2028.

Once Zagreb metro is system fully completed, should have 25km of underground and 55km overground lines, cost of entire system will be in region of 5.5 billion Euro but over 20 years should be affordable system to build...

more to come...
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