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Awesome post wox, and I'm glad to see you're posting over here. I'm not sure why the exodus from ssp to c-d happened circa 2009--maybe it was the slowdown in building plus the much higher level of traffic there--but I'm really hoping this place builds back up. Much smarter and better-informed posting than c-d.

All of your points are definitely valid, and I'd like to add a couple more:

- A lot of Atlanta's oldest neighborhoods were wooden buildings of poor quality. During the urban decay that took place from 1960-1990, there's simply no way many of them would have had the upkeep to keep them livable.
- in 1950, Atlanta was a city of less than a million people. There was a surprising amount of streetcar infrastructure, but compared to the mass transit set up in NYC, Philly, Boston, etc, it was nothing. Those cities already had roads, mass transit, and housing stock built to accommodate several million people, while Atlanta had to retrofit. Keep in mind, NYC, Philly, and Boston has to retrofit and destroy tons of stuff in order to grow from ~1 million to ~5 million people. The place we are in a real disadvantage is that everything we built was auto-oriented, even the skyscrapers we built downtown.

With regard to Buttermilk Bottom and north downtown, that was another area worst hit by "urban renewal" and freeways. Virtually every building in the 1949 image is gone now. South downtown may still be depressed, but at least it still has several blocks of historic architecture in tact. North downtown was simply ripped in half. The only relics of certain neighborhoods are minor angles and bends in streets that have been retained. Some have been flatted out of recognition.

Also, several of the blocks where Georgia Power is headquartered or where the Freedom Parkway interchange is look like they could be candidates for that one picture. They look really rough on the backstreets.

By the way, does anybody have access to any of the old "redline" maps or something like that? I've never seen one of Atlanta.

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