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Originally Posted by CoolCzech View Post
"Spokeswoman Melissa Coley said pre-construction work on the deck has begun, with plans to start construction next month and finish by as early as 2013."

The whole project will finish "as early as" 2013, or just the deck?
A little on that:

Brookfield must build a three-acre platform, while trains continue to run below, before it can start putting up its first building. It hopes to sign a major tenant during the two years the job is expected to take.
A little more:

Brookfield announced plans earlier this month to start construction on a $600 million platform over the rail tracks around June, with completion expected in 2010. The first of the office/mixed-use towers could see completion by 2013; though, as CEO Ric Clark told us a few months back, they probably won't build without a tenant.


Mr. Clark said today construction of a platform over the rail yards on the site would start as early as June, with completion in 2010. The new $600 million complex would be done by 2013
But yeah, I think the 2013 target date is for tenants who's leases will expire around that time, which is what Silverstein and Vornado are doing. Even if it was completed in 2014, it would only be a matter of months. But don't be surprised if dates change, as they often do.
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