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The Free Press and the U of W held a Plan Your Winnipeg competition for elementary school students.

Sunday's paper had a couple of suggestions rapid transit related:

Photo caption bottom left of page B5 reads:

Darwin Roque's Train-O-Matic: two subway systems
and on page B6:

Others suggested taxing surface parking lots at a higher rate or getting the city to buy up some eyesore parcels for new developments. All good, bold ideas, that have been batted around before with no result.

Here's some other stuff they want: A rapid transit system, preferably an LRT...
Reference: Welch, Mary Agnes, "Young Eyes on the Town". Winnipeg Free Press, March 25, 2007, pp. B5-B6.

Hmmm... no BRT plans from the students, although some were not thinking enough and suggested turning surface parking into "green gardens".... Nooo kiddies... please turn those parking lots into hi-rise apartments, condos., and office towers.
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