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Originally Posted by Winnipegger View Post
Ugh, I guess it's time to admit it: Despite what my original user name would suggest, I do not infact, currently live in Winnipeg. Actually, I live an hour south in a small town, not to far from Winkler. I hate it. That high rise? There are two of them, there should be one on the opposite side of the highway. They are not a big deal. In fact, where I live, in a small community of no more than 4 thousand, we have a five storey condo plaza right in the middle of town, only for the wealthy seniors. Yep, things are for the elderly down here in southern Manitoba. Winkler has nothing special, trust me. Yea, there is a walmart and superstore, a Tim Hortens and soon, an A&W *gasp*. And if you want to get really fancy, there is a Boston Pizza just east of Morden, right in the middle of nowhere. Makes it look like their expecting development to spurt up right around them. Things sure are booming down here.
I haven't been to Winkler/Morden but from what I heard it is growing.
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