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Originally Posted by newflyer View Post
WOW!! .. I will seriously have to go down there and take a look.

If they land a Starbucks they'l have it made.
Honestly, save yourself the gas money. Not worth the trip, unless you want to go mini golfing. They pretty much have anything steinbach would have. (no starbucks, and there won't be as the Mennonites in the town are way to cheap to spend money on culture, and would rather buy their coffee at the single and over-swamped Tim Hortens) It almost makes me sick how people are constantly talking about going to winkler for this and that, and when you bring up Winnipeg, there like "Yea, we go maybe twice a year" as if it's some long three day trek with horse and sled through the cold winter to the "big city." People need to grow up. (maybe I'm one of them)

Originally Posted by vid View Post
Haha, dead malls are fun. One by the house I grew up in has an entire hall that's pretty much empty except for a library. If it wasn't for the Zeller's and Shoppers Drug Mart, even seniors wouldn't go there.

Does the mall in Winkler have a food court? Dead mall food courts are so sad. They try so hard but fail.

If Winkler was in Northwestern Ontario, BTW, it would probably have a few A&Ws. They outnumber McDonalds up here. (Unless you count the Walmart ones.)
No, they don't. They have Shoppers Drug mart as an Anchor and Southland Cinemas. They have a sports store, a Penningtons (14+), a Source (By Circuit City) a jewellers and a few other random shops. Its surprisingly busy on somedays, and oh boy, you should see it on sunday afternoons when the Mennonites show up for the movie matinées.
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