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Originally Posted by Ando View Post
I always find the fascination with fast food outlets on this thread fascinating.
Originally Posted by buzzg View Post
Albert Street Cocktail is closing Saturday. Shocked it made it this long.
Originally Posted by buzzg View Post
Been a mess since they opened. Way too big of a space to not have actual food and serve drinks that take 30 mins. Got new management in fall which caused all the old staff to quit.
I finally made it down to the "new" Albert Street Cocktail about 1-2 months back, and while the drink was good, I was definitely dissappointed.

What must be acknowledged is that they weren't succeeding in the first place. But they had a product. The best and most creative cocktails in the city, and tons of them.

Whoever came in to manage it hacked that list 85% down. Still good drinks, but gone was that huge imagination and selection. That wasn't their problem, that was their product.

Their problems were space, food, and time management.

1) Maybe reduce the drink list 25%, train them better, higher one more bartender. Not an expensive problem.

2) Food? No idea what could have been done here lol. I'd like to think something was possible with all that space.

3) large space but not a ton of seating. Could have definitely fit more tables. If they made drinks fast enough, or prepped some of the sauces/syrups/elaborate details before hand, people would have come.

Makes me mad. Was the best cocktail destination, for cocktails, in the city when it opened.

Also, how is that little strip on Albert not booming?

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