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Originally Posted by Trevor3 View Post
The only thing I never liked about it was that SC4 didn't allow for building a single "metropolis". The regions are cool, but I could never build a city of more than 220,000. It still looks impressive in the game, but I'd like to be able to build a Toronto or Vancouver.
Issue with creating a metropolis (and it remains on the new SimCity) is scale. Each large city tile in an SC4 region was scaled to about 4km x 4km (I used to do a large amount of map creation for SC4 over at Simtropolis some years ago, though I realized after sometime that my scale was off). Anyway, point being, in order to do a proper re-creation, or to create a true metropolis you need a very large region that blends across city tiles (And usually quite a powerful computer). There are many who do this, and quite impressively in fact. For me I stick to doing re-creations/re-interpretations of smaller areas (usually cities of less than 200,000), as it doesn't need as much computing power and I generally prefer smaller cities (it's what I know!). Still, in that case I would be using 6-10 city tiles to do it.

Here's a sample of what can be done with a well-equipped SC4 and working on a region of about 10x5ish large city tiles (40km x 20km) - This is by 'RickD' at (link to post below). I can only wish that I had his eye for detail.

Photo By "RickD" at - Full Size

As originally seen at
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