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Originally Posted by Marty_Mcfly View Post
I've been watching some beta play for the new game, and I think I won't have a problem with the game as a whole. My only concern will be that mass transit options may be limited, though I do remember that many of the mass transit perks that existed in SC4 were released with the Rush Hour expansion pack so the same thing could be happening here. I'd also like to see some type of game option where you could plant trees during gameplay.

My only real problem is with how poorly the people are playing the beta. So. Much. Wasted. Space.

EDIT: As I'm watching a video I'm seeing a few things that I like!

- School service areas can be extended by building bus stops. So instead of building a new school outside of the other schools circle, you can just place a few stops to increase its range.

- Instead of building brand new service buildings when they reach capacity, you can pay to build new sections/wings onto the building

I'll keep editing if I see more things I like
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