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Originally Posted by CoryB View Post
With the Ikea/Seasons of Tuxedo development I think extending the William Clement Parkway to Wilkes Avenue makes sense. The problem is that Wilkes west of Shaftesbury is in really rough shape and already handling a high volume of vehicles. For this extension to make sense Wilkes would need to have additional lanes added between Shaftesbury and William Clement.

I think that with all the development planned for that area the city really needs to get a Wilkes rehabilitation/expansion on the books sooner than later.
The problem with this stretch of Wilkes, west of Shaftsbury, is that it runs parallel with the rail line. When the time does come to extend WCP to Wilkes, they're going to have an issue with interchanging Wilkes. Never mind making it a double lane. It's the same issue with Waverley and Sterling Lyon Parkway, and of course, Shaftsbury and Wilkes, with having an intersection along with a rail line with it.
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