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Originally Posted by Bdog View Post
Yep. The proposed extension (I believe it's going to be discussed by council later this spring) would likely only go from Grant to Ridgewood for now. Nothing is going to head down to Wilkes in the near term. There are a few options for the eventual interchange at Wilkes/rail lines, including an overpass (similar to the one at the Perimeter and Wilkes) and an underpass (in which case, Wilkes would have to be realigned further south, a la Sterling Lyon @ Kenaston). There was talk years ago about realigning Wilkes a few hundred metres south of where it is now (similar to Sterling Lyon to the East) - however, it would be almost impossible now, with all those acreages that the city permitted to develop along the proposed ROW (on McCreary, Loudoun, Liberty, etc.)
Yup. Just your typical Winnipeg foresight!
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