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Originally Posted by Tyler Xyroadia View Post
I agree deeply,

Considerign the cost of supports, structural logistics, buildign to survive crashes, hurricans, etc... One would imagine building DOWN would be much cheaper then building up.

Granted right now it would be more costly as the construction world has no real experiance with building down on a large scale. But given time, a 40 story "depthscaper" would be far more cost effective then a 40 story skyscraper.
Nope. It's far more of an engineering challenge to build down than it is to go up. The further down you go the higher the pressure, temperature, and ventilation problems. Also you have the issue of groundwater infiltration/seepage and the fact that you need to move mountains of dirt/stone to go down.

Building down is probably the idea in this thread that is least likely to happen barring a nuclear holocaust.
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