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Welp.... it will be 2 years next month since the start of this new thread. Let’s look at where we’ve come

Originally Posted by ConstructDTLA View Post

Here is the skyline as it is today - extremely different from how it will be in 2 years time.
Downtown Los Angeles by Hunter, on Flickr

And here is my personal list, which I will keep updating and re-uploading.

Current as of March 21st 2017:

DTLA Towers Under Construction by Hunter, on Flickr

2012-2018 Downtown LA Cycle (Proposed Towers) by Hunter, on Flickr
So we’ve literally built everything from the top table. All of the proposals are completed or under construction from the start of this cycle in the table. It’s time we hear about these coming projects and possible start/completion dates. Need more word from the likes of Onni on its 2 projects, Olympia, Shenzhen hazen. Updates on groundbreaking’s anyone??
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