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It is normal for designers to find that client take over your design with his/her reason or interest in this world, for example recent controversy of 1 World Trade Centre. Taiwan is even worse as it is engineering (produce and manufacture) countries. I can see some discussion about this terminal 1 renovation controversy. Don’t be surprise some statement state that architects should know this issue, they should know what is happen to building structure. Yes, they blame architects first.
The controversy come from the beams head over the wall in the photo. These beams are part of ceiling structure of ground floor. They are pretressed beam which metal frame inside each beam has anchor connects to two ends with columns or pillars and use tension strength to support beams, keep it not falling. The issue is there is structural risk that it might be falling down. These beams have issue with construction and maintenance which cause building decay. If they cut these canopies (which part of these beams in one side), which may cause these beams lose their strength by anchor lose its connection to pillars.
The issue raise when government authority changed the design detail without informed design team leaded by Norihiko Dan while they were conducting structure testing for cutting these canopies. It was agreed by authority in that time.

The way what South Korea build their giant companies is national economy that government monitor and fully support large companies by giving subsidy for all aspects of manufacture and political benefits for particular giant companies. It helps big companies build up their own monopoly power in both domestic and international. So we can see giant companies like Samsung and LG…etc. More important thing is it is easier to develop brand power under this type of economy. Taiwan cannot do the same thing with its circumstance and political and social atmosphere. I cannot see same thing happen in Taiwan.

However, to be honest, both Taiwan and South Korea have more important thing to cover, both countries have ridiculous low birth rate. No matter how well this economy is now, if both countries cannot solve this problem, both countries are going to doom in the future. People should be looking at these things. Taiwan government is changing education system for 2nd times in these ten years. Labours are fighting to changing payment and working condition and law makers start to discuss monitoring labour and working regulation. These two changing polices in some sense will change the change how Taiwanese do their business and determine the way Taiwan will go. These changing may also give a line of light for improve architecture status in Taiwan.

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