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Originally Posted by 2oh1 View Post
Tha'r comin' fer our gunz!!!
LOOK OUT! The crime train is comin'!
The'r cummin' fer our jahhhbs!!!

...what's going on with this forum? Can we try actually discussing what's going on at 1510 NE Multfrigginomah? I'll start!

In this city with absolutely no increase in population density (despite the THOUSANDS of housing units being built at this very moment) there are nearly 1,000 apartments more new apartments being proposed for the site that currently houses a big screen movie theater multiplex along with a bigass nasty parking lot directly across the street from the struggling Lloyd Center mall. We haven't confirmed that the theaters are going to be demolished, though some of our local "news"papers apparently think so. Any thoughts? [facepalm]
Ive read reports that both theaters are being turned into office/flex space. I think its great that the parking lot is being developed into Housing. I wonder if it will be one tall tower or a few shorter buildings?
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