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Hat, you nailed it in terms of the challenge of fixing Holladay park.

Originally Posted by hat View Post
I hung out there yesterday before a movie in the early eve. It's pretty dead still. A tween broke some glass bottles in the concrete area in the center.
The location of the park is outstanding, and the trees are great. The challenge is how to fix the fact that the park isn't particularly safe after dark. I suspect there will be talk about open spaces and lighting. The park faces the Doubletree, and that's fantastic! But it isn't exactly welcoming from that vantage point. The park faces an extremely active MAX platform. YAY! But it's fenced off from it. Boo. Those old trees are marvelous - they're a treasure - but they also provide cover for hoodlums and they create a major challenge for fixing the park's issues.

Have any potential plans for the park been shown yet?
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