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Whaling Wall going extinct....

One of one hundred painted worldwide by artist Robert Wyland, this mural is in the process of being destroyed.
Constructed about a hundred years ago-give or take a few (exact date unknown), this building housed auto manufacture and repair companies that made use of ramps connecting each floor. Later on the structure offered warehouse and loft spaces. By the mid 1980's this was home to the Marketplace Design Center containing showrooms for interior design specialists.

PMC purchased the property with the intention of renovating the structure into offices with 15 floors of apartments built on top. Plans were eventually scaled back to just five new floors added on to what was now a pure office project. Aramark announced in September 2016, that they will be relocating here from their office tower on East market Street. In a twist of irony, the Marketplace Design Center will be setting up shop in the new East Market development right across the street from the soon-to-be former Aramark Tower.

As part of the work the ramp structure is being demolished so the whales of the Schuylkill are slowly being killed off....

Whaling Wall by tehshadowbat, on Flickr

River trail 3/23/17 by tehshadowbat, on Flickr

Chestnut Street Bridge by tehshadowbat, on Flickr

Overbuild by tehshadowbat, on Flickr

Whaling Wall building by tehshadowbat, on Flickr

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