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Visiting Star City, the famous training center for cosmonauts and astronauts located near Moscow.
Unfortunately, for some reasons (lot of rules and other restrictions there for foreign visitors), I couldn't see two of the main attractions of the site : the centrifuge where astronauts/cosmonauts test their resistance to heavy G's, and the pool where they can train in "fake zero-gravity".

37- The Soyuz training modules with a group of astronaut's family members and friends invited to visit the center :




41- Some samples of "space food" :

42- The infamous spinning chair :

43- The ATV training module :

44- The wall with the pics of all the crews which flew to the ISS :

45- And here is the one with Thomas Pesquet, a French astronaut, very popular here :

46- The Mir module training :

47- This one is not a training module, it really went to space !

48- Mir Space Station :


50- Space food again :

51- Yuri Gagarin :


53- Vladimir Komarov, a Soviet cosmonaut who died during a space mission in 1967 and who really looks like Manuel Valls, a French politician.

54- ISS training modules :







61- Space shuttle training module :

Bonus :
Not in Star City, but in VDNKh Park, near the museum of Cosmonautics, you can see some of the achivements of USSR and Russia in aeronautics and astronautics.


63- A Tupolev and a Vostok rocket :

64- A Buran shuttle :

65- A Soviet space exploration-themed children playground. You can recognize Sputnik, a Soyuz spacecraft, the Lunokhod, etc.

66- The Vostok rocket :

67- A Mil Mi-8 helicopter :

68- A Mig 29 fighter aircraft :


Next episode : Baikonur

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