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No. Doon Street is a London project. I was just giving an example of how I would want a specific site in Brum to turn out like Snow HIll is U/C with piling well underway, wont be long until concrete is being poured.

V - Tower has commenced enabling works ready for demolition.

P.S I've got banned again till August the 9th due to using the word Bollocks quite a few times in the wiggley thread. How astonishing. Its like a vendetta. I wonder who it was he really needs to grow up some and get a sense of humour as considering he singled out that 1 page out of 30 odd which subsequently was the only one in which I posted in, is quite ironic. Reasons. Languagem wasting mods time and trolling.

If im not mistaken I merely commented on the amount of bollocks being spoke in a thread which after only 3 days reached over 30 odd pages of people bickering and shouting off about each others cities. Its amazing how the likes of Wiggley survive who put zero input what so ever thats worthwhile into the forum, then a person who has an hatred for one of the mod's gets done over just because of the word bollocks. His either had nothing to do for a while or really is a bit of a loner with not much else to do.

Arr, the over controlling dickwods at SSC
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