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Originally Posted by CoryHolmes View Post
For the life of me, I curse the day the Infinity project built so close to King George, yet did not include the station in its designs. Curses!
Don't lose all hope, there is a large parking lot on the south side of the station that won't stay a parking lot forever.

As Oficedweller pointed out, there is quite a bit of grade separation between King George and the land to the North. To integrate with the station you would need at least a 4 story shopping center or office tower. I think that is a bit out of the scope for what they have planned and what they can finance. It was hard enough getting this project going again in the scope they have, let alone if they tried to saturate Whalley with more underused office/retail space.

Maybe in several years when they redevelop the hotel/parking lot on the south side of the station, Whalley will be in need of another major center that can integrate with the station. If Vancouver balks on the BC Place casino, I can see Paragon eyeing that location for something huge.

Plus Surrey always talks about redeveloping the North Surrey Rec Center, which would open up the land adjacent to the Surrey Central Station. Right now it's a mixed bag of what they want to put there, but after the probable success that Plaza 88 will see, Surrey might want to copy it, integrating the station into the whole SFU/City Hall/Library area.
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