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Ahem. Anyway...

Originally Posted by WhipperSnapper View Post
Toronto is behind; more for on street than trails but, it's also the place I feel safest cycling in mixed traffic.
Originally Posted by shappy View Post
Despite the lag in bike infrastructure, bikes and cyclists are ubiquitous in the central city so most drivers are very aware of cyclists. If you drive downtown you have to have your head on a swivel.
Cycling infrastructure development in North America is reaching warp speed, which is why Toronto being ten years behind the times makes it even an even crappier biking experience than ten short years might otherwise suggest. It didn't help that Trump...oops, Rob Ford was at the helm for four years there.

But even so, it would indeed be really interesting to hear the opinions of people with lots of experience riding in various cities on how comparatively safe they feel. i think it really is true that for all the shittiness of Toronto's cycling infrastructure, the ubiquity of cyclists being everywhere really does have a "safety in numbers" effect.

It's all idle speculation, but I kinda wonder if cycling in Montreal would be a lot worse than Toronto if Montreal didn't have its great cycling lanes. Because Montreal drivers aren't, shall we say, quite so polite as in other places.
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