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Toronto's bike system in the core is getting better although, as rousseau says, bike infrastructure everywhere is expanding at a rapid pace so Toronto, despite its growth, is actually lagging other places.

Biking around the inner suburbs of the 416 is still the pits though. This is where cities like Calgary and Vancouver are miles ahead. It's very difficult to cross the 401, for example, without heading into a ravine. Areas like North York Centre, or along the Sheppard subway corridor should have better bike infrastructure than they do (currently non-existent). You should be able to bike to places like York University, Scarborough Centre and Etobicoke Centre along uninterrupted bike lanes or trailways from the rest of the 416.

Basically, all the growth nodes of the City of Toronto should be connected by decent bike infrastructure. The rule of thumb should be that if an area is deemed important to connect by higher order transit, then it should be connected by higher order bike infrastructure.
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