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Originally Posted by Derek loves SD View Post
oo alright! thank you...and congrats on your purchase! (shame its taken this long to go up though)how bout OAP 2?? havent heard that in awhile...and its up on that list...
I bought my unit in early 2004. At the time of purchase, the estimated completion date was late 2006 (I still have a photo showing this). Quickly, it was revised to early 2007, then mid 2007, then late 2007 and now late 2008, if we're lucky.

I think I got a good price, but the developer is calling this a luxury building while I believe that they're really a budget builder. It will be interesting to see how it turns out. Frankly, I probably would have bailed out of frustration on a number of counts, including the delay, but I couldn't touch a unit with a south-facing view from 310 feet up for what I paid.
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