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Originally Posted by buzzg View Post
It's actually very common. It's definitely even more prevalent in Edmonton and seemingly Calgary as well. Depends on the industry probably.

But, for many companies (especially an international a construction/manufacturing company) it's way more sensible to have all ops on the same site, and close to the airport. You'll often have people flying in for meetings or whatever and need to hit many departments, so to have to travel all over a city to do this isn't the best practice.

Really depends on the size of the office workforce and type of warehouse/manufacturing operation. If it's an office with hundreds of workers that don't need to interact with the other side at all, sure a downtown office makes sense. But this is generally only applicable to the big multinationals.
I don't think Acklands-Grainger has a big corporate presence in Winnipeg. There head office is in Toronto but not downtown. I guess I would have seen a boutique law firm or something like that being a more logical Forks tenant.
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