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Originally Posted by Tacheguy View Post
Yup. I used to think the first of these was the most important component for regional growth, but later came to realize the last two were the key. Fun facts; research indicated (a few years back) that start ups by women had a much higher survival rate over the first five years than those started by men. But, and it's a big but, the businesses started by men, if they survived, grew at a much faster rate. This was fodder for some policy development work undertaken by the Women's Enterprise Initiative..
That actually nicely illustrates the average differences in intellectual personality between the sexes. Men are more likely to be a risk taker, which means a ton of failures and only a few who hit the jackpot, while women are more likely to prefer a calculable steady path that rewards patience and a strong sense of discipline, which means much less failures, but are much less likely to stumble upon that key opportunity that'll unlock super stardom. It's just different strategies for success, although the perfect recipe for that will always be the right combination of both.

But anyhow, to steer this back on topic and away from gender politics, the takeaway is that if Winnipeg really wants to become a business hub that can give birth to the next amazon, or Tesla, it helps a lot to create an economic environment where people have the freedom to fail.
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