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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
True, which is why Midtown needs a new signature tower. None of these towers are the new ESB; that designation will have to wait.

But it's coming. We'll eventually get a new focal point for Midtown, probably at 2,000 ft.
I think that's inevitable. Maybe it will come in the redevelopment of the Penn Station area, who knows. But the skyline is starting to look like an army of supertalls. I still say that if either of the trio of potential 1,500 ft towers had a large spire or spike of some kind, they would definitely be more of a focal point above the other towers.

Originally Posted by chris08876 View Post
If we look at the rendering, assuming this tower is at scale with One Vandy, IDK if this is 1 mil-sqft. I think it may be more.

It looks way to bulky compared to 1 Vandy @ 1.6-1.7 mil-sqft.

And it has a higher floor count too. This has to be more than a mil-sqft. Unless the rendering is not to scale because the foot print for this development I don't believe is anywhere near the Vandy footprint.
I don't know if that floor count is an actual floor count, or just what they are going with. It says the office tower really won't begin until about 400 ft, if I'm reading that correctly. It probably has a lot of mechanical space as well.

On another note, I'm wondering why the building stops just a foot higher than CPT. Is Macklowe trolling Barnett somehow? Who knows.
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