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Tacky! And a horrible precedent. Actually.. that precedent started when Candlestick park was renamed "3COM"

Originally Posted by tech12 View Post

At least when they did it to SF General it was person's name instead of a company name.
But corporations are people now don't ya know?

It seems as if SF is turning into one big corporate conglomerate. I checked out the pride parade a few weeks ago and was very disappointed. The last one I attended was about a decade ago and seemed much more bombastic/ parade like with really cool floats. This year's parade was just a marching of corporate logos one after the other: Wells Fargo, PG&E, AT&T, Verizon. And they weren't even on floats, it was mainly just a bunch of employees wearing shirts of their corporate overlord logos and waving (or at the most riding in a BMW). Even the Apple representation was just a bunch of dorks in different colored Apple logo shirts waving to the crowds. You're telling me that the richest corporation in the world couldn't afford to put together an elaborate float??

My point being: SF is losing some of its edge and turning into a big corporate logo.

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