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I don't give a shit what the park is named, that's not the part that bothers me. The naming of the station itself is beyond what I'm comfortable with. American cities have for years floated (or threatened) the idea of naming rights to public transit stations in an effort to plug budgets from chronic underfunding. They never happened... until now. This is a new precedent. If they wanted to say Transbay Transit Center or Transbay Terminal with a branding add-on like "brought to you by Salesforce"... fine, whatever. I wouldn't like it but whatever. This is different. This is surrendering it's entire identity as a public facility for the public good to a private brand. That is not the same thing as a ball field or arena, this is public infrastructure. Ask yourself how it would strike you if there was a national story titled "New York City's Grand Central Terminal being renamed 'Goldman Sachs Station' in 200 million dollar deal". Would that make you feel nauseous? And if so, why not here?
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