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Originally Posted by mersar View Post
Lots of details for CONNECT are now on the CT web site at

  • Two types of cards (reloadable and disposable)
    • reloadable are available in card or key fob format ($2 and $5 to purchase one time cost)
  • Purchase online, including with auto-reload
  • Monthly pass users don't need to swipe their card at LRT stations
  • 90 minute transfers will work automatically
  • Current paper based single tickets and books of 10 tickets will remain
  • Monthly passes will be electronic (disposable card with month printed on it) as well as airport passes
  • Can load monthly pass, 10 tickets or a cash amount to reloadable cards (but they mention in future possibility of yearly and weekly passes too)
  • There will be a 'lost card protection' service on reloadable cards only
No update on when it launches, aside from this summer. But the example images they show of the disposable cards are for June 2012 so lets hope. Most TVM's and quite a few of the bus readers are appearing to be ready to go (showing a white light with a message to swipe your card) and I believe the plan had been to use the Spring and Summer students at UofC and MRU as the test group for the new system (Spring semester starts on May 9 at UofC so I may take a peak at the Ticket Office and see what they are handing out for UPass)
Sounds good. I wonder what the range of the card will be (like if I keep the card in my wallet, can I just swipe my wallet without taking the card out?).

I also wonder if there is any flexibility in the transfers. I know that when snow is bad, and buses are really delayed, drivers will give out new transfers to people when they get off so that they have a valid transfer for the next leg of their journey (I have had a few 90 minute journeys).

I notice that under future uses they have 'Weekly and Yearly' passes. I wonder if they have started to look at that yet.
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