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Originally Posted by DizzyEdge View Post
There's a bunch of Jane's Walks this weekend

And I see one is NCLRT related:

Sat May 05 16:00 North Central LRT - Transforming Community Julia Frohlich, Community Member, & Jen Malzer, Senior Transit Planner at City of Calgary - Buchanan School, 3717 Centre Street North
A couple of things:

I went on the NCLRT walk, and we all had some good discussions. Some things which were mentioned, which are still up in the air of course so don't take this as anything concrete:

- since the Nose Creek route is 25% longer than straight up Centre, some time tests going up Centre (in a car) were similar to the estimated Nose Creek route
- Got a very good look at the grade going down into the Nose Creek area, and why CT might be concerned about busses in the winter.
- There was apparently some talk of the new Science Centre perhaps having access to a NCLRT station, but the Science Centre is now looking at projects at the creek itself, so aren't necessarily interested any more
- There is no appetite for a solution which requires lots of expropriation
- Although nothing has been nailed down, there has been some thoughts about a low floor LRT which possibly shares Centre or the Centre ROW anyway
- Preference is to not cul-de-sac tens of east-west aves
- No appetite for 36th st style mess

I can't really elaborate on any of those since they were all just brief comments, and I may have misunderstood any one of them.

Also somewhat related (as there had been some talk on here about possible station site) , I see this piece of city property is for sale:,,0,2.65
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