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I agree with one of the posters. While it's nice to FINALLY get a win at home no less, I think the real test whether this team has turned the corner or not is against the Blackhawks on Saturday. I was at the game vs. Carolina - what a game it was. The Canucks started off really strong, and then they lost their way in the 2nd period. Luongo seemed average. Every time the 'Canes shot the puck at him, I wasn't sure if he was going to stop it. That was how suspect his play has been of late.

There is an 8 game road trip coming up for the 'Nucks. If they lose badly on that trip, you can bet that we'll be out of the playoff picture by that point. The trade deadline would just be around the corner, and if we lose even half of those games, and the other teams (i.e. Minny, Edmonton, etc) all pull away, we will become sellers. IF, however, we manage to put a strong string of wins - we'll be buyers, and the city will jump on the bandwagon once again. I gotta add, the crowd last night was amazing. Vancouerites really do love their team

At least we have a winning streak - of 1
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