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Originally Posted by GreatTallNorth2 View Post
I'm sorry, but what your saying is not reality at all. I am a Chelsea supporter and went and saw Chelsea play against Swansea at Stamford Bridge. No one there was thinking "Oh, we are playing against a smaller Welsh city - this sucks." No, quite the opposite. Swansea as a club has been performing really well and they have some great talent. It was great to see the teams play each other and Swansea won the game. The EPL is not just about who wins the Premiership. Football in the UK is more than who has the highest points. Its about winning the other tournaments as well. Reading your post, I am sure you don't know what it's really like here. I have lots of friends who are Man U supporters and they love to watch any match they can. Yes, playing bigger clubs is clearly the most desirable games to watch, but it's not the way you make it out to be. Whats amazing about the EPL is watching teams like Portsmouth go from a lower league to EPL and playing Europe and then back to lower divisions. There's a lot more drama and supporters are much more into their teams. You don't see a lot of "suits" at EPL matches, just real fans who will travel up and down the country to support their team. Best system in sports.
You Europeans do have amazing concepts about sports leagues. Your whole concept of relegation is totally foreign here. However, "The EPL is not about who wins the Premiership". Are you f#@king kidding me? Winning the title means everything here. Every year you win the Cup or you go home. No team here plays just for the fun of being on the field. I guess if winning is nothing, no wonder the EPL is full of little dink teams playing in Welsh backwaters like Swansea with no chance in hell of ever winning a league title. That would be like having an MLB team in Thunder Bay and expecting them to be competitive with the New York Yankees. Anyway, the tides are changing. Spend a few minutes Googling European Soccer Super League and you will find hundreds of articles talking about how to make the Super League a reality, not if it should be done.
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