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Originally Posted by freeweed View Post

Speaking of football - do the rest of the CFL teams have alternate names in French? Les Bombers Bleu?

What does "Alouette" really mean in English? Do English broadcasts discuss the Montreal Larks of the CFL?
The team names are proper nouns and therefore don't get translated from French (Alouettes) or English (Roughriders, Stampeders, Blue Bombers, etc). The Redblacks/Rouge et Noir have decided to use both languages and thus will have 2 official names that can be used, one for each language, like La Coupe Grey/Grey Cup and the CFL/LCF.

It would be similar to company names, which don't change either, unless decided by the company.

And you answered your own question about the meaning of Alouettes. And Larks is only used in short form/slang (although rarely as most say Als); like Riders, Green and White, Roughies, etc.
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