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Originally Posted by SoaringSkylines View Post
Because most likely the plan will be accepted because you better believe; when you talk about anything being "financially better", the Port Authority is ALL over that.
I don't know why people are under the impression that the plan isn't final. The Port Authority has already released a press statement. Durst doesn't half ass around, its about business. They have been successful with the antenna at the Conde Nast (4 Times Square) and the new antenna here will serve as primary with the older one at 4TS serving as a backup. It's a new business plan they have for broadcasting. The only thing that isn't final is how many broadcasters will make the move back. My guess is that most, if not all will.

As far as what it will look like, you only have to ask yourself a few questions. Will the revision be an improvement over the previous design? If they are so confident it will look "great" (as opposed to acceptible), why haven't they released renderings (it's a matter of months before the thing gets underway).

If this were an ordinary enterprise, I would agree with whatever spire was put up there, and whenever or however they felt like doing it. But this is a very public undertaking, we have been in the process even before there was a process to be in. It's not ok to have these changes done behind closed doors, I don't care how you look at it. This building, which is very heavy on symbolism, will be defined by that spire. It's not an afterthought.

Originally Posted by SoaringSkylines View Post
BTW, why are all the news reports claiming this building to be "104 floors?" SkyscraperPage has it listed as 108?
Those extra "floors" are just the levels of the broadcasting ring, not actual office floors. They are counted by some measures, some measures not. But they have floor designations.



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