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Originally Posted by JayPro View Post
Point by Point:

A. You're supremely confident that they're slacking off for any conceivable reason other than wind issues because..........?

B. On the one hand, I suppose blaming uncooperative gusts for slowing down progress in construction *would* be kinda like flipping off the moon coz your monthly crops suck. But come on, now.

Essentially what you're saying as per my interpretation is this:

"What's to stop a pesky little detail like potentially hazardous gale-force conditions at 1000'+ above the street from getting this thing done by the officially announced top-off date? So what if a few construction workers get swept off their feet onto the asphalt below headfirst? Or a precariously swaying, multi-thousand pound girder snaps off the rope and squashes some unfortunate, unsuspecting street life below? Messy? Hell yeah; but in the grand scheme it's a small price to pay for showing the world that the skivvy-bombing terrorists in Wakkowarneristan and the red-tape merchants at the Port Authority haven't got *us* beat, no siree."

My admittedly over-analytic mind---once at rest---has me thinking that you don't mean all that. But your somewhat odd rationale to get this project finished yesterday had me reading your wind-related comments in that manner.

Oh, BTW: No one looking at 1WTC's completed form is going to give a plague-rat's pockmarked backside how many stories she's rising. That's absolutely going to be the farthest thing from the casual tourist's mind...and that of the average Downtown pedestrian/resident.
That was hilarious. Do you own The Oatmeal comic strip website? You sort of remind me of him with that joke. Best to make a comic strip with One World Trade Center.