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Originally Posted by ePlanningPhila View Post
I am familiar with the building site and how tall 600,000 square feet is. The building site is quite small and 600,000 square feet is very large. Which means that this building is definitely going to be significant.

The tallest building right now is 333 Market at 341 feet, that building is around 300,000 - 400,000 square feet, give or take.

A 600,000 square foot building on that site, certainly would command at least 30 stories, and would most definitely be 100 feet taller than 333 Market. Putting it at about 450 feet. Give or take, and depending on how much of a residential/commercial use the developer wants to incorporate into the building, it could easily top 500 feet. When you are developing a mix use building, it is quite easy to get to 500 feet to be honest. If the lot size was extremely bigger, than all that square footage would command a building that was not as tall.

But given that the lot is not extremely large, we are looking at over a 400 feet building and my guess breaking very close or slightly over 500 feet. Definitely a new landmark building for the city.

Now let's hope that the design/architecture will also be landmark! It would be great to get a new glass highrise, the city has enough concrete boxes from the 90s building boom.

Once this is built I really see it kicking off a trend for another mixed use highrise. Incorporating residential and commercial space! The city is just waiting to ignite with development. As Philadelphia, DC and NYC continue to escalate in cost of living, smaller cities are going to be the next wave of major development.

The currently proposed design is following the Tall and skinny trend in Residential construction as we see in many towers in midtown NYC. I am guessing it they did add more residential to the project it would simply tack floors onto the dormitory segment of the building. (they really should as the cost of the foundation, elevators, etc is already sunk and it is well short of when cost per floor starts to increase again.)
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