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Originally Posted by EastSideHBG View Post
All very important but some on that list are pretty small scale and you still see those gain one/lose one trends, the loss of the food trucks and the stupid parking meter rules and rates that have done some damage over the years for example.

I have to disagree just a bit about Midtown. When it is deads-ville and becomes less deads-ville it's noticeable but when you compare with other cities it's still kind of meh to me. But on the right track for sure and hopefully the transformation continues.

I know sometimes the issue is that I compare Harrisburg to bigger places but that is because it likes to tout itself as a bigger city (and we both agree that it can look and feel like one when you are standing in the heart of DT, at least during the day) but I think that it keeps falling short in every big city category.

DT and much of the city is very DC-esque to me and that is huge, as DC is one of my favorite cities and that urban model offers quite a bit. HBG should really capitalize [pun intended ] on this.

Harrisburg is heading in the right direction but there needs to be more.
When it comes to redevelopment of a region I think trends are more important than where one currently is. I believe its very hard to argue we're going in the wrong direction. And after the initial emptying of DT with parking increase, its largely returned to its preraise parking levels. I think most have normalized the cost (the raise was a necessary evil I think we all know about). Those that still use it to beat on HBG would have come DT anyhow so it's really a moot point.
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