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Originally Posted by EastSideHBG View Post
You're still missing my point, I am talking strictly cosmetic and in form and function, nothing else. I am not comparing economies, projects, world importance... To not be super duper excited about a bike share and a new stop sign on a corner says nothing at all about my comparisons, as they are completely unrelated. But on the same token Harrisburg sometimes does want to play in a bigger league and I can support that but it needs to step its game up for sure.

In other very big and exciting Harrisburg news a portion of a street may be going two way, hooray

The old photos were neat.
HBG always seems to want to find the biggest kid in the room and pick a fight. We punch above our weight, but not our ego.. lol...

The strides that city government is taking to try to make HBG more livable will have long term impact I believe. 2-way second will really help with that. So much more to do.
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