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Originally Posted by Ninja55 View Post
Thanks so much for all the photos of old L.A. My Great Uncle was none other than Bert Rovere. Restaurateur, sportsman, and man about town from 1920 until his death in the late 50's. He was the owner of the Paris Inn and Lucca's in L.A. and the Hurricane in San Francisco. His sister, Emma, married Joe Musso, of Musso and Frank's fame in 1936. He left his interest in the restaurant around 1927 and opened his own beautiful place on Wilshire called Musso's Parisian Gardens. It ran until his death.
I have an advertisement for the Paris Inn that says its was on 210 E. Market Street, just East of City Hall. I can't find any Market street downtown anymore. The only one is by the beach and certainly not east of City Hall. Does anyone know what street downtown was originally Market Street?
Hey Ninja55, welcome to the board -- think I have something you might dig. But first, to clear up why you can't find Market on the map -- it's been wiped off. The map. As in:

First runs down the left in both images and Broadway along the top. Temple stopped at Main and after a little jog Market began. Paris Inn would be built south of Los Angeles St in the little white strip that reads "Truck & Teamster Co." Now, Temple makes a diagonal slice, San Pedro no longer continues up to meet Commercial, and Aliso now continues down to become Commercial...

...and now, an interior shot of the PI from February 1944:

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