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Suggestion to have the 'lowrise' option checked on by default

Suggestion to Dylan to have the 'lowrise' option checked on instead by default

The reasons I think this would be a good idea is a lot of people(especially people not familiar with the website) just browsing the site don't see it or notice it(It took me awhile to realise their were hidden buildings awhile ago) and when someone goes to click on their city which is much of the time a small city or town it will hide many buildings and to someone in a small town or city a 3 + story building can appear quite tall

Also having it checked won't effect any other diagram as far as I know

Just wanted to throw out this idea

What do you guys think?

Edit: Sorry about my pole if you disagree just select the No option even though it says '...sure' after and we'l all agree you said no

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