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Royal BC Museum Expansion

...the museum hopes to bring some of its buildings up to a maximum height of 14 storeys while remaining within its current 2.7-hectare footprint. The overall square footage would be bumped up to 895,000 from 379,000.

In what’s being called a first step to building more collections, gallery and exhibit buildings, as well as creating more restaurants, cafés and office space, museum staff put Victoria City Hall on notice yesterday that it has launched its official rezoning application process, with open houses beginning next week.


The museum is seeking a rezoning–the first step in a massive restructuring of the Royal British Columbia Museum (RBCM) site that envisages the demolition of the sunken gardens, the outdated 1969 Fannin Building (aka the curatorial tower) and nearby archives building. In its place, a small, dense cluster of towers would surround the existing 1967 exhibition building and the more recent IMAX theatre next to it.
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