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Originally Posted by 1overcosc View Post
Kingston's Japanese craze is a little off the walls (I honestly don't understand how this city can support so many of them!), but I'd like to add in Arisu (Division & Queen), Izumo Sushi (Princess & Chatham), and Aji Sai (Ontario & Johnson) as some of Kingston's best sushi.

Atomica at Market Square is another really good restaurant.. they do fancy pizzas that are really good.

In Ottawa, some amazing places are:
-Kettleman's Bagel in the Glebe
-Hintonburger on West Wellington
-And, a little tacky, but Zak's in the Byward Market makes awesome

Though no mention of Ottawa's food scene is complete without talk of O-Town's amazing shawarmas. I've heard it said that Ottawa has more Middle Eastern restaurants per capita than any other city in the world outside the Middle East, no idea if true. My personal favourite is that little one at Rideau & Dalhousie next to BarBurrito... I think they're called Shawarma Castle.
Arisu closed very recently, turning into a Cash Money almost overnight. There were two Jina's for awhile, with the original on King Street in Portsmouth Village, but after the illegal workers were caught that location changed hands and is now called Eunice Sushi. Not bad, but you have to keep asking for soya sauce, they don't have bottles on the tables.

The sushi and other Asian restaurants likely only exist because of Queens and the international student population. In fact one of the Asian restaurants, Green Tray, normally closes during May-August (though this year it did not reopen in September). Once you're away from downtown, you won't find much sushi in the Township, in Rideau Heights, or Kingscourt - instead you'll find the likes of Arby's, Raxx, or On Larocks Bar and Grill. Though the Township has a few good places too. (My least favourite restaurant here is Jiffy Grill.)

I've had a schwarma in Ottawa once, and it was the best I'd ever had. It was somewhere near the airport but I forget where exactly.
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